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22 Aprile 2024

The iSC fund dedicated to unlisted performing SMEs extends funding. Find out more on Finanza Digitale.

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8 Aprile 2024

illimity Selective Credit employs more than 50% of the capital raised. Find out more on Dealflower.

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06 Aprile 2024

illimity Selective Credit invests half of the funding. Find out more on bebeez.

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05 Febbraio 2024

The Fund which helps companies not to drawn. Read Paola Tondelli’s interview on QN Economia.


press06 July 2024
Press Release
The iCCT fund, managed by illimity SGR, supports Noberasco
press27 April 2023
Press Release
illimity SGR has started the operations of the new ”iSC” Fund and has completed its first financing deal in favour of the Omnia Technologies Group
press13 March 2023
Press Release
illimity SGR becomes a signatory of the PRI promoted by the United Nations
press16 February 2023
Press Release
The iCCT fund, managed by illimity SGR, enters the capital of the Varvel Group
press26 January 2023
Press Release
illimity SGR has completed a new closing of its iREC Fund
press13 September 2022
Press Release
iREC, the second Fund of illimity SGR, has been launched
press20 June 2022
Press Release
illimity SGR supports Nespoli, leading global player in the production and marketing of brushes, rollers and paint tools
press28 April 2022
Press Release
illimity SGR supports Schneider, a leading company in the processing and supply of wools and natural fibres
press1 April 2021
Press Release
Closing of illimity SGR’s first fund
press28 December 2021
Press Release
illimity SGR finalizes new closings of its Fund


illimity SGR

illimity SGR, a member of the illimity Group, sets up and manages alternative investment funds specialising in corporate loans. In the spring of 2021 it created its first fund, the “illimity Credit & Corporate Turnaround” fund (“iCCT”), dedicated to investments in UTP loans to SMEs with revival and relaunch prospects operating in highly diversified sectors. This fund allows lending banks to benefit from a professional management of their loans without necessarily having to sell them, thereby enabling them to yield their maximum value following a company’s industrial and financial turnaround.
In September 2022 illimity SGR created its second fund, “illimity Real Estate Credit” (“iREC”), dedicated to investments in distressed credits – mainly UTPs – secured by real estate assets under the form of both mortgages and lease agreements. At 31 December 2022 illimity SGR managed assets totalling ca. 330 million euro.

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Brand Assets

illimity Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A. | Headquarters: 9 Via Soperga - 20124 - Milan Share capital €1,000,000.00 fully paid in.
Enrolled in the Milan Business Register - Economic Registry (REA) no.: MI 2567666 - Tax no. 10936730968 - Participating company in the “illimity” VAT Group VAT Number 12020720962. Enrolled in SGR register ex art. 35 TUF - sezione gestori di FIA n. 183.
Sole shareholder company in the illimity Bank S.p.A. Group, enrolled in the Register of Banking Groups with no. 245.
Company subject to management and coordination by illimity Bank S.p.A.