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23 June 2021

The goals of illimity SGR: from UTPs to patient capital. Massimo Di Carlo on FundsPeople

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24 May 2021

illimity SGR will complete the second closing of the first fund on UTPs by July. Paola Tondelli on BeBeez

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24 April 2021

The features of illimity SGR. Read the interview of Massimo Di Carlo on Milano Finanza

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18 March 2020

illimity stands side-by-side with SMEs. Enrico Fagioli interviewed by Milano Finanza

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4 March 2020

illimity SGR's management team

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25 February 2020

Bank of Italy grants operational authorisation for illimity SGR link to press release

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30 August 2019

illimity incorporates its SGR, We Wealth article


press20 June 2022
Press Release
illimity SGR supports Nespoli, leading global player in the production and marketing of brushes, rollers and paint tools
press28 April 2022
Press Release
illimity SGR supports Schneider, a leading company in the processing and supply of wools and natural fibres
press1 April 2021
Press Release
Closing of illimity SGR’s first fund
press28 December 2021
Press Release
illimity SGR finalizes new closings of its Fund


illimity SGR

illimity SGR is the illimity Group's asset management company, authorised in February 2020. Its goal is to create and manage alternative collective investment funds that are closed-end and reserved, with own funds and funds from institutional investors. The asset management arm of illimity increases the group's ability to support companies with potential, even when they are in temporary financial difficulty.
The first illimity SGR fund will invest in unlikely-to-pay (UTP) loans for companies that have a good restructuring outlook, allowing the loans to become performing again. The UTPs will be contributed to the fund by banks and financial entities and/or acquired directly by the fund, which can take equity stakes in companies involved in turnaround projects where such a step could facilitate the restructuring strategy.

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